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Yves Veggie Ground Round

i bought some of this at wellspring (wholefoods) because it was new and on
sale and if you bought 3 packages, you got a free package of breafast
sausage patties to boot!

i normally don't go in for fake meat, but this stuff *looked* good (or i was
hungry :) and i was in a spending mood ;)

well, it's really good.  i made an eggwhite omlet with the breakfast sausage
patties (not fat free but low fat) and it was very good.

i used the ground round italian flavor (fat free!) on pasta.  i cooked a
pound of de cecco whole wheat linguine, put a jar of healthy choice sauce, a
can of mushrooms and the pakage of yves veggie ground round.  then i scarfed
it down.

it doens't have the plastic taste or rubbery texture of most soy 'meat'
products.  i think this will manage to keep my meat cravings at bay (does
anyone else get them besides me?!)  i will eat boca burgers occasionally,
but i find that the texture and taste are not satisfying, and i actually
like the gardenburgers (vegan) better because they taste like grains and
veggies are not trying to imitate anything....

hope everyone is well,