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RE: pumpkin seeds

Hi Terry!

I found this information on http://www.wholehealthmd.com.  I've used this
site several times since I've been trying to go fatfree and have found it
extremely informative.I hope it helps.
The exact URL for pumpkin seeds is:

Nutrition Chart

Pumpkin Seeds/1 ounce hulled
Calories			153
Total fat (g)		13
Saturated fat (g)		2.5
Monounsaturated fat(g)	4.1
Polyunsaturated fat (g)	6
Dietary fiber (g)		1.1
Protein (g)			7
Carbohydrate (g)		5
Cholesterol (mg)		0
Sodium (mg)			5
Copper (mg)			0.4
Iron (mg)			4.3
Magnesium (mg)		152
Manganese (mg)		0.9
Phosphorus (mg)		333

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 Hi all -

 Does anyone know the fat content of pumpkin seeds?  Not commercially
packaged ones - but right out of the pumpkin, roasted by me.  Are they fat
free?  I fear not - seeds usually have some fat.