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Re: Miso

I store mine right in the freezer.  I have been able to keep it there for
years.  It doesn't actually freeze solid, so you can still use it straight
from the freezer and put it back in when done.

I love to flavor my rice with it.  I squeeze about an inch-long ribbon of it
into the water while cooking the rice.  You can also use it for many things
you might use soy sauce for.
Lee Ann

Lee Ann Reiners
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
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Subject: Miso

A few weeks ago I asked a question about miso paste and got no replies.
I'll try again:

How does one store it?  I had a package open on me accidentally and have
temporarily stored it in the fridge.  How long will it last there?

And are there different kinds of miso?  The store I bought it in only had
one kind and it smells to me a lot like soy sauce.  I bought it to make the
Easy Miso Soup that was posted here a few months back, but have never really
gotten around to it.  Can anyone give me other ideas of what I can do with
it?  It is a rather large portion.

Thanks in advance,
Dortmund, Germany

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