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RE: Miso

You can store miso paste in a refrigerator for up to a year in a sealed
container. Burp out the excess air. Remember to stir it before each use and
to "re" burp the lip upon closing.!


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Subject: Miso

A few weeks ago I asked a question about miso paste and got no replies.
I'll try again:

How does one store it?  I had a package open on me accidentally and have
temporarily stored it in the fridge.  How long will it last there?

And are there different kinds of miso?  The store I bought it in only had
one kind and it smells to me a lot like soy sauce.  I bought it to make the
Easy Miso Soup that was posted here a few months back, but have never really
gotten around to it.  Can anyone give me other ideas of what I can do with
it?  It is a rather large portion.

Thanks in advance,
Dortmund, Germany

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