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Re: fake meats

You can make your own gluten at home.  It's not hard if you use vital wheat
gluten to start with, and especially if you have a bread machine with a
dough setting.  I found my own to be much better than any I've ever bought.
And there's no oil involved.
Lee Ann
Lee Ann Reiners
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
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Really? What brand do you get? The only kinds I've ever seen list "oil" as,
usually, the second or third ingredient - and no nutrition information,
which always makes me suspicious. Also, the cooked bean curd skins, as far
as I know, are usually deep-fried.

Me, I like Yves Veggie Cuisine. Very tasty, even for meat eaters, and


>I found the least expensive and most delicious fake meat to be at the
>Chinese Grocery. The cans are marked as Gluten and they are prepared in
>many different ways. Also look for cooked bean curd skins which are