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bread machines

In a message dated 01-05-13 03:20:40 EDT, you write:

 Thought of buying a bread making machine so I could, of course, make my own 
 bread without ingredients that I don't want (sugar, oil, salt, etc.).  Any 
 suggestions for brands, features?  Much appreciated. >>

While I personally use a Zojirushi, which I am delighted with, I don't really 
know how it stacks up against other, cheaper brands.  My model is very 
simple, and only has 5 different "mode" or "cycle" choices.

I would say that, especially if you are interested in making fat free breads, 
a "dough" cycle is essential.  A dough cycle means that you use the machine 
to mix and knead the bread but you remove the dough from the machine and bake 
in a conventional oven.  I have found this to be far and away the option I 
use most, even though it is a little less convenient that letting the machine 
do the entire job, including baking, for you.  The reason being that most 
bread machine recipes are very exacting - because the machine is doing the 
work for you, you need to follow the recipe to the letter to get a good 
result.  And most bread machine recipes that I have seen call for either some 
or a lot of added fat.  But if you use the dough cycle to mix your bread, but 
then bake it yourself, you can use any old bread recipe you want - letting 
the dough rise a little longer if necessary, even adding a bit more flour or 
other ingredient if necessary.

I also prefer my bread slices to be "normal" as opposed to the odd shape most 
(not all) bread machines produce!