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Re: Bread Machines

At 01:34 AM 14/05/01 -0700, fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
 Thought of buying a bread making machine so I could, of course, make my own
 bread without ingredients that I don't want (sugar, oil, salt, etc.).  Any
 suggestions for brands, features?  Much appreciated. >>

I have used several bread machines and think they are a fabulous invention. The best aspect is to be able to choose the ingredients in your bread. The end result is outstanding.

There are many good machines out there. The Zorushi is very highly rated by Consumer Reports although I have never used one. I have used a Panasonic, a Black & Decker, A Regal Kitchen Pro and currently own and use two Charlescraft machines. I recommend all but the Black and Decker. I find that one ground to a halt with the heavy multigrain recipes I like to use.

Don't feel bound by the bread machine recipe book or their ingredients list. I have successfully removed the fat from most of the recipes I have come across. I also use a great variety of flours such as spelt, rice, soy, corn, etc. You will have some flops but will discover what works and what doesn't. I have found bread machine bread making a fun and rewarding experience.

If anyone out there has a Kamut flour recipe they care to share I would be grateful. I haven't had much luck yet with that one.


Delta, BC