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baked potato topping

I fixed this tonight, its a recipe I found at a web site and I jazzed it up a 

Garbanzo Bean  Baked Potato Topping

(I *baked* 2 potatoes in the microwave)

Saute in your favorite way some onion and garlic (use the amount you like, I 
used one clove garlic and about 1 T of onion) then add some red pepper flakes 
and a little cumin.  Pour in 1 can of drained portabello musrooms 
(Pennsylvania Dutchman, 4 oz. can) simmer a second or two and then add a can 
of drained garbanzo beans.  Simmer awhile and then pour over 2 baked 
potatoes.  Very easy, filling and healthy.  We had this with some fresh green 
beans and a small side salad.

Barb in FL