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More on cooking rice

In a message dated 2/27/01 5:20:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I used your method last night for short-grain brown rice.  I must have had 
>  the "warm" burner on a bit too high because it ended up sticking slightly 
>  to the pan after 45 minutes.  Well, my quantities were also slightly 
>  different although still to the same proportion:  1.5 cups rice, 2.25 cups 
>  water.  I stirred in some soy sauce diluted in more water than soy sauce 
>  (maybe 1/4 cup total) and it was then perfecto!

The ratios for rice:water are not linear. That is to say, as the amount of 
rice increases you don't just keep adding the same amount of water that is 
specified for the original cup.  

White rice 

1 cup rice:2 cups water but 2 cups rice:3 cups water. 

Does that make sense?  

I don't remember the ratios as you increase the amount of brown rice.  
Perhaps someone else could post that info?  I confess to relying on instant 
brown these days.  Not always, but frequently.  No emails about this please.  

BTW, I've been cooking rice for close to 30 years (Ugh -am I that old???) and 
couldn't agree more with the advice to NEVER open the pot lid.  I've never 
used a rice cooker either.  Just a pot and the two burner method if I have an 
extra burner available. 

Ciao- Kristin in Atlanta