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Re: beans

In a message dated 7/5/2001 4:44:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time, MCBEAGS@xxxxxxx 

<< How do you treat raw beans to dispel gas causing properties?  All I've 
 heard of is changing the soaking water frequently.  Is there some other 

I've heard that some folks soak the beans overnight in water and baking soda, 
then soak and rinse the beans a couple of time before cooking. I javen't 
tried this method. Could someone comment on it if they have prepared their 
beans this way?
 For that matter, I wonder a bit about this notorious bean problem.  I eat 
 beans fairly frequently (not usually every day, but certainly a couple of 
 times a week), and whether canned or cooked up from dried, I just don't find 
 this to be a problem for me.  Perhaps its a matter of eating them often 
 enough to accustom your system to them?  I don't know, just wondering.

You are one of the fortunate ones, you have a good digestive system. When I 
was a young person, I could eat virtually anything without a problem. Now, 
not only beans, but many other types of foods cause me distress. Foods heavy 
in sugar can be a problem if I eat too much, and other foods one would not 
imagine would cause gas do. Nope, one does not become accustomed to eating 
beans and the problem goes away...wish it were so. Believe me, the problem is 
not "a figment of one's imagination." It is a very real problem. For some, a 
small annoyance. For others, quite rampant and terrible.