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Re: spices and tomatoes

We've done sundrieds in our dehydrator for many years.  Cherry tomatoes
are amusing to do -- little "tomato raisins"... :)  Similar to the
"recipe" with the 24 hours of oven, just slice them in half and lay them
out in the dehydrator racks.  Dry until dry, but not overly dry (if you
stomp on one, it should "thud", not "crunch"... :)

The O'Briens wrote:
> G'day!  Two questions:  1) Can you do the sun-dried tomatoes in a
> dehydrator?  Maybe that's rather obvious that you can... but I'm asking to
> make sure.  Wouldn't it be faster than 24-hrs. with the 250F oven?  and 2)
> Are there many spices that are good for you, as well as being tasty?  (like
> cayenne papper, isn't it?)
> Thanks guys/gals!
> Chels*

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