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Cooking with TVP

At 06:40 AM 2/7/01 -0500, Pat Meadows wrote:
But when I've tried things like this (substituting TVP and
not mentioning it), the reaction I have invariably got (from
husband - two of them by now, not at once but sequentially -
and children) is:  "What *is* this sh*t? It's terrible."

I'm just learning how to cook with TVP as a main ingredient, as in a TVP loaf, versus a Meat Loaf. It is strange stuff sometimes and I think that it is an acquired taste. You have to want to eat it. However, it seems to work well when added as a minor ingredient to another dish, such as chili, where the beans are the major ingredient. I do like Sloppy Joeys made with TVP though. All that strong tomato flavor works well with the TVP.