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Re: Miso v. Tofu

both of them are soy based but the tofu is made by coagulating the soy milk with
an acid, (I think) and the miso is made with friendly bacteria which are good
for the body.  so you loose this benifit if you cook them and kill them.   with
tofu you don't have that advantage, so you don't have to worry about killing it.

    Hope this helps,   kitty

RBrown9213@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I have been advised as to the different miso available, and also that miso
> looses its nutritional value when heated to extremes, better added after
> cooling, etc. Yet, I have spoken with experts on tofu, and I questioned them
> if tofu loose nutritional value when heated (this was before I joined the
> list and heard of miso). I had been advised that heating/cooking tofu is not
> injurous to its nutrients (isoflavones). This, therefore, is very confusing
> to me as to which is applicable. I would like not to do the wrong thing and
> obliterate the values of these foods.  Educated commentary, please.

Kitty in Somerset, PA
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