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Re: ff Organic Tofu Cheese - Also a question

for another view on this cheese, I prefer the cheddar and the mozzarella,   the
pepper jack is good too.   the mozzerella lets you have pizza again if you
haven't been able to have dairy, and the cheddar is good in mexican dishes.
Pepper jack adds zip to a sandwich.   for me the swiss is to sweet.  it does have
a bit of the casienate in it to help it melt, but other than that is very good.
    Has anyone tried the CHEEZE recipe book?   So far I haven't been able to find
a recipe that I liked, but I admit after trying the first two and not liking
them, I have been afraid to waste the money on the rest.   the ingredients can
get pricy.   any feed back would be welcome.   Kitty

RBrown9213@xxxxxxx wrote:

> To the member who asked me for info on this cheese (forgive me for forgetting
> your e-mail address and name) and I promised to provide, here is the
> information, better late than never:
> Galaxy Foods Veggie Slices
> 2441 Viscount Row, Orlando, FL 32809
> (comes in pepper jack, cheddar, swiss, american, mazzarella, and a couple of
> other white and mellow flavors -- pepper jack is spicy, american is
> remarkably like regular american cheese, the cheddar is good but very mild,
> the swiss is nice).
> filtered water; organic tofu and isolated soy protein
> Casein (a dried skim milk product)
> UNhydrogenated vegetable canola oil
> Natural Flavors
> Tricalcium and Potassium Phosphates (a source of calcium, potassium, and
> phosphorus naturally present in cheese)
> corn starch; sea salt; citric acid; sorbic acid; Beta APO Caratenol (Vit. A
> coloring); Vit E (antioxidant); Vit A (Palmitate);
> 12 slices individually packaged (also comes in larger packages, shredded)
> Serving size = 1 slice - calories 40 - calories from fat 20
> total fats 2g    (3%)
> saturated fat 0g (0%)
> monosaturated 1g
> polyunsatured 0.5g
> cholesterol 0mg
> sodium 250mg (11%)
> total carb 1g less then 1%
> dietary fiber 0g (0%)
> sugars 0
> lactose 0
> protein 4g
> Vit A 10% - Vit C 0% - Vit E 10% - calcium 20% -- Iron 0%

Kitty in Somerset, PA
mail to:basyefelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx