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Re: lots of things to say!

to get a more gritty corn textured cornbread you need the coarse ground
cornmeal if you can find it.  I think the Health food store had it last
time I was there.   in the market there is only Quaker and a very fine
sort, I think.   Quaker will do in a pinch.   then you need to make a
recipe with 3/4 cornmeal with only 1/4 flour.   this will make it more
    You can actually make any recipe you have, just add the amounts of
flour and cornmeal in the recipe together for the amount, divide by four
and use three fourths cornmeal and one fourth flour.   be sure to use
something to bind it, a couple eggs or egg beaters will bind it well.
If you use something else, be sure there is enough or you can have
cornbread and milk for breakfast if it crumbles.   LOL
    Nut milk is basically pureed nuts strained and used in place of milk
so it will taste as good as the nuts do.   Just DON"T use rancid ones
and sort them well.

BluEyez13@xxxxxxx wrote:

> First of all...thank you soooo much for the PEANUT BUTTER EXTRACT
> info.... Do
> you have any recipes using the extract? i would LOVE to hear some....
> Thanks!
> Also...the corn muffins look great! Does it have the "gritty" corn
> texture? I
> LOVE that taste (texture)  but cant seem to get it!
> What is nut milk? I have NEVER heard of it! Does it taste good?
> ~*~*~   BluEyez13@xxxxxxx   *~*~*

Kitty in Somerset, PA
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