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Re: Tofu Bake and Side Dish

On 13 Feb 2001, at 7:59, RBrown9213@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Yes, this would be an alternative, and my mother uses aluminum foil all the 
> time, but I will not use it any more than I will cook in aluminum. I really 
> don't know the current medical conjecture as to the adverse effects of 
> aluminum, but from what I have read in past years, it is not a good 
> alternative next to cooking food. Perhaps one of our learned professors or 
> medical professionals will address this subject?? I would appreciate an 
> educated update on this topic, which is definitely in the realm of ff 
> cooking. Thanks, Sunny
I'm not a learned professor, but I have successfully baked eggplant 
on parchment paper.  Maybe that would work for tofu also.