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Re: What to do with Lentils & Beans

Dal is a fabulous East Indian dish. It is, essentially, a lentil stew. It typically has the consistency of a very thick soup. It often looks like baked beans except the lentils are smaller than beans. What makes it so good is the flavour. I love Indian food for the exotic flavours. There are lots of good Indian eateries in my area and great availability of Indian ingredients, even in the supermarkets.

I have found many online recipes for Dal but I wanted to get a recommended recipe. I find that foreign foods can be difficult to cook properly and it helps to get the recipe from someone outside of that ethnic group so you will get the "For Dummies" version of the recipe.

Here are a couple of interesting Dal links:



Hope this helps.


At 01:42 PM 13/02/01 -0500, RBrown9213@xxxxxxx wrote:
what is dal?