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Tofu Bake and Side Dish

and enjoyed them:

Tofu Bake:

Marinate 2 (I used Mari-Nu extra firm) packages of tofu in 
tamuri sauce or Braggs Amino w/some slivered crystal ginger (for several 
hours or overnight).
Drain marinate liquid and cut blocks of tofu as desired.
Dip each piece in egg substitute (I use Second Nature) or egg whites
Gently coat with Fearn's Soya Granules (or another of your choice).
Sprinkle with some garlic and onion powder and a tiny amount of cayenne 
Place on baking sheet at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes (or as desired, until 
I use 2 drops (literally) of olive oil and spread it over baking sheet to 
prevent sticking.  (save marinated drippings for other uses!)
Serve with: 

Brown Rice/Spinach/Broccali Dish:

Prepare 1-2 cups brown rice.
Package of fresh baby spinach and/or chopped broccolli florets 
add chick peas, or type-beans of your choice.
Toss with some ff italian dressing or flavored balsamic vinegar and spices.
Add amount of nutritional yeast as desired (gives dish a dense cheesey 
chop in strips of red, orange, yellow (whatever) bell peppers.
Toss and serve.

Hope they are enjoyed. Sunny