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Basmati Rice Salad

I usually eat this with a 5 bean salad that takes a minute to make: 1 jar or
can of 3 bean salad (i use hanover), 1 can of black beans-drained,  1 can of
chickpeas-drained, 1/2 vidalia onion-chopped.  mix together, let sit in the
refrigerator overnight.  (this doesn't really count as a 'recipe' because
all i do is open cans/jars and chop a bit of onion :)


Basmati Rice Salad

1 1/2 cups basmati rice (i use brown basmati)
1 spritz olive oil
1 red bell pepper, juleinned
1 handful fresh cilantro chopped small
2 scallions chopped small
1/8 cup currants or raisins soaked in hot water then drained when plump
1 tablespoon curry powder
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Cook basmati rice and let cool to room temp with lid on.
Put rice into a large bowl and spritz with oil, to keep grains separate.  Be
sure not to use less than a teaspoon.
Add red peppers, cilantro, scallions and currants, stir together.
Mix in small bowl the lemon juice and curry powder, pour over rice mixture
and stir together.
Salt and pepper to taste.
This dish tastes best when made and refrigerated overnight.

Per Serving: 188 calories, 2 g fat (9.3% calories from fat), 4.6 g protein,
38.5 g carbohydrate, 0 mg cholesterol, 33 mg sodium.  Exchanges: 2 grain
(starch), 1/2 fruit.