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thanks and intro

thank you to everyone who has given me such great advice with fat free
cheese!  i do so appreciate the experience of the list.  i'm also getting so
many great recipes from you all, i'll never go hungry for lack of ideas!

i am 42 and have developed hypertension in the last year while i was
pregnant with my son, and it did not come down after he was born.  so, i've
been on hbp meds, but want to get off, so i'm following dean ornish's
program, which is a very low fat (10%) vegetarian diet, exercise, yoga and
meditation (to reduce stress).  so far i'm actually enjoying it!  i feel
like i'm paying more attention to the details of life, which makes it that
much more interesting!

i plan on eating this way for the rest of my life, not as a 'diet', but a
lifestyle.  i'm so happy this list exists because it's exactly the type of
support i need.

i'd love to hear about the other list members!