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ADMIN: posting rules

Hi folks,

You may find it helpful to review the posting rules for this list from
time to time.

The recipe rules are at:


And the general posting rules are at:


A few frequently overlooked points:

1. no meta-posting (i.e. this list does not cover discussion of the
   list itself or the list rules.  You are always welcome to send any
   comments directly to me by private email).  The only meta-posting
   you should see on this list are my specially marked "ADMIN" posts.

2. No nutrition/health discussion (although important, the focus of
   this list is food and cooking.  Please use other forums to debate
   and inform about nutrition and health issues).

3. Recipes should meet the list guidelines which were drafted
   partially for convenience sake, to make it easy to determine
   whether a recipe is appropriate by simply reading the ingredients
   list without doing any nutritional analysis.  This sometimes means
   that some wonderful very lowfat recipes are inappropriate here
   (say, because they call for a small amount of oil), while other
   mediocre recipes which may be higher in fat meet the list
   guidelines and are accepted for posting.  I chose clarity,
   simplicity, and  non-subjectivity over absolute consistency in
   setting the recipe rules list.

If you have any questions about the list rules, please email me
privately.  I am going to draft a FAQ list about the list rules so
people can understand why they are the way they are a little better.

Thanks for your understanding,

Michelle Dick
Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List