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I'm new!

Hi, I'm new to this list, and boy am I glad I found it.
I live in Denmark, the land of NO meat substitutes (it is really amazing! The only thing you can find is tofu).

I am still trying to find out about a lot of 'tricks' for non/low-fat cooking. One thing I tried is rice milk - I bought this brand 'rice dream' - but it has fat in it. Couldn't find a lowfat version and so I tried to make my own - using the recipe from the archive (the one which recommends using hot rice and hot water). This became a bit problematic. First of all, it turned out rather thick, and it was impossible for any residue to sink to the bottom of the container. Should I just add more water? Will it not become watery then? Second, the taste was nowhere near the fabricated Rice dream. My rice milk tastes very much like liquid rice, and rather 'mealy'. As far as I can see the only ingredience that Rice dream has and I have not, is the one gram of fat. Surely this one gram cannot make that kind of a difference in taste?

Any ideas on what I've done wrong? Do any of you make your own rice milk?

cheers, Rineke.