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Re: Braised vegetables


This is a PHENOMENAL idea!!  Why haven't I thought of this??

My dilemma is that I go to the gym 4 nights a week and I usually don't get home
until 9:00/ 9:30.  I am usually so hungry at that point, I will throw anything
into my mouth.  As protein is an issue, I am now stuck on the same old quickie
things for dinner- 3 egg white omelet with salsa and Healthy Choice cheddar
cheese (I just can't eat ff cheese and at only 1.5 grams of fat, it is really
delicious), 3 egg white omelet with broccoli and Healthy Choice Italian cheese
(1.5 grams of fat), and sautéed stewed tomatoes, spinach, and soy crumbles.

I started out doing the crock-pot thing, but my dinners were cooking for 12-13
hours.  Now, any ideas in facilitating quick and ff dinners are wonderful in my
book!  Thank you.

fossettes@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I noticed recently that without my "emergency" jar of braised veggies in the
> fridge, I wouldn't eat very much.  It takes less than 20 minutes to make and
> keeps for a few days (I guess, I usually see the bottom of the jar within 48
> hours).
> I start out with 1/2 cup of stock and/or wine and seasoning in a large
> nonstick pan, at med-hi heat.  I then add the vegetables in "waves", waiting
> about 3-5 minutes between each, adding liquid as needed (original 1/2 cup
> seems to be enough for 3-4 cups of vegetables).  Of course, every ingredient
> is optional and you could add anything you want:
> First wave:
> garlic, crushed
> onions, thinly sliced
> Second wave:
> bell peppers (different colored ones is nice), thinly sliced
> plum tomatoes, cut in quarters
> Third wave:
> mushrooms, thinly sliced
> frozen peas
> frozen corn kernels
> I vary the stock/wine and seasoning every time for variety. (Tip: use "ready
> mixes" such as italian seasoning, steak spice, thyme based or barbecue
> poultry seasoning, herbes de provence, etc.)
> I usually eat it right away on a bed of rice or ww pasta, store the rest in
> a glass jar.  I use the leftover veggies as omelette or crepe stuffing, in a
> sandwich (on any type of bread), in enchiladas, as a layer in a lasagna; it
> also makes a great instant sauce with crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, ff
> sour cream or ff cottage cheese.  I find a new use for it every day!
> Sophie
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