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plain frozen yogurt and banana bran muffins

Hi !

I found a couple of yummy things recently I thought I would
pass on.

I love frozen yogurt, especially in this heat (San Francisco is
breaking records...).  But, I find them too sweet.  Well, the other
day I was in one of those juice/smoothie places and they agreed to
sell me some of their "plain" frozen yogurt that they use in smoothies.
Delicious !  I don't think it was sugarless, but it certainly has far
less sugar than I am used to in a vanilla yogurt, for example.  I'm not
sure how widely I will find this available, but I'm going to look now.

Second, out of laziness (and cooking for my husband) I bought a box
of fatfree banana muffins.  I usually don't buy boxes of such things
because I find them full of ingredients that I probably don't want --
and missing ingredients I do want (whole wheat flour, bran, etc.)
Well, I simply added a cup of wheat bran to the mix when I was stirring
it up, with a little more water than was specified, and it was delicious !
In fact, it was a little more complicated than that.  From the original
batter, I made 4 types of muffins.  I mixed it up, then poured several
muffins while adding to each one dark chocolate bits (for my SAD husband),
then several others while adding frozen blueberries (also for him).  THEN
I added the bran, and made half plain and half with blueberries (both those
for me).  All the muffins got rave reviews from everyone !  I'm going to
try to entice him to trying the bran ones next time -- they had a crunchy
top on them thanks to the bran and I think he'll go for it.

Ellen M. Sentovich
Research Scientist			
Cadence Berkeley Laboratories	1 510 647-2807 (office)
2001 Addison Street, 3rd floor	1 510 486-0205 (FAX)
Berkeley, CA  94704-1103		ellens@xxxxxxxxxxx