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Administrative notes for the Mailing List Challenged

Don't waste your time reading this if you're enjoying this list and don't
have trouble following subscribe/unsubscribe instructions.

I have been the recipient of an unwelcome private email in response to a
post I made recently regarding yogurt.  This person can't seem to follow
instructions and get themselves off this list.  I don't really know why it's
so difficult for people to go back and unsubscribe the same way they
subscribed, but perhaps that's more difficult than simply filling out forms
and clicking mice.

I have since blocked that sender's address so I won't be "gifted" with
snotty comments people would not make if we were speaking in person.  Much
easier than my delete key, which works equally as well.

For those who don't want to be on this list anymore, I am repeating the
instructions kindly placed at the bottom of each digest:

From: fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx

	To make a public post to FATFREE Digest, send your message to
	the address: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx

	To get off the FATFREE Digest, send email to the address
	fatfree-REQUEST@xxxxxxxxxxx with the Subject: unsubscribe

	If you have a friend who would like to join the FATFREE, have
	them send email to fatfree-REQUEST@xxxxxxxxxxx with the Subject:

	The official FATFREE web site is at http://www.fatfree.com

I'm sorry to waste list space with something like this, but since this
person seems to feel it necessary to Spam me (and perhaps others) with their
dissatisfaction, I thought this might get rid of them once and for all.

Have a nicer day than mine started!