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OT: Interesting List for Great Cooking Info

Hi guys!
I was browsing egroups.com recently, (yes, like I need more mailing lists)
and joined EthnicRegionalMCook.  I thought it was a list for Ethnic recipe
topics.  I was wrong, but it turned out to be the most informative list!!

These folks work hard.  Each post is usually an article of some sort,
followed by a few nice recipes (in MC or importable format) along its topic.
The information fits beautifully into my "The Basics" cookbook, because
they're always so instructional!! It's not a wildly busy list, but the
Digest version usually has two or three of these neat posts in it.

Knowing the collectors that you all are, I really think you'd find this
worth checking out.  I'm not affiliated in any way, just an interested
recipient.  If you don't want to subscribe, I'd be happy to share one of the
digests.  What prompted this note is today's Digest, where the first post is
entitled "The Alchemy of Oil and Vinegar."  It discusses the tricks to
making great salad dressing by Cindy Hodel from the Kansas City Star.

Enjoy your day!