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More yogurt cheese

<<There have been posts in the past about yogurt cheese. I know that you
put the yogurt in a strainer>>

My favorite yogurt cheese is made with a quart of no-fat vanilla yogurt,
which I mix with one tablespoon of orange zest and a teaspoon or less of
fresh grated ginger.  Fill a colander with several sheets of paper towell,
add the yogurt mix, place the colander in a bowl that fits it, and
refrigerate for as long as it takes. (At least 12 hours)  You will lose
about half the volume of the yogurt and have a spreadable cheese like cream
cheese.  This iswonderful on a whole wheat bread or toast.

Save the liquid for cooked cereals or to pour over the dog food.

You can do the same with plain yogurt, adding herbs of various kinds.  Just
remember when you buy your yogurt to get the natural stuff with NO gelatin
in it.  It will never change to cheese with the gelatin!

Jo in Minnesota

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