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Freezing tomatoes

I very often freeze "for the soup pot" and that includes zucchini AND
tomatoes.  I just grow small tomatoes, so when they are ready, I wash and
dry them, remove the stems,
and toss them into a plastic bag, and into the freezer.

The same for zucchini, pick them when they are small, same washing trick as
cut them into bite size pieces and freeze on a cookie sheet, and then
plastic bag them for the freezer.

The soup pot doesn't know or care if they get mushy!

I also like to make Pesto from my basil, freeze that in ice cube trays, bag
it and you can have summer on the end of a spoon, for as long as you can
make it last!  Add an ice cube of your frozen pesto to the soup pot, too!
Happy, happy soup pot!

Jo in Minnesota