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pressure cookers and Bunny Dogs recipe

I have two. One is a 7 qt. for larger foods (used mostly when we ate meat) 
and the other a 4 1/2 qt., used for smaller loads. 
A very large cooker won't come up to pressure with a very small load. That's 
why I purchased the smaller one. The larger one was by Cuisinart and 
sometimes it would work with my Bunny Dogs recipe and sometimes it wouldn't. 
I called their 800 number and this was explained to me.

The Bunny Dogs Recipe 
 This recipe was from a vegetarian internet group and I can't recall who 
originally posted it.

Take large carrots, wash, chop off ends, peel.
Marinate at least one hour in splashes of lemon juice, soy sauce and garlic 
powder, turning occasionally.

Pressure cook th ecarots for 3 to 6 mins. (depending on carrot width) or 
steam for more than 20 mins., long enough to make the carrots easily bitten 
with the front teeth.
Place cooked carrot in a hot dog bun and cover with the traditional hot dog 
relishes, all fat free!  This would include mustard, water fried onions, 
relish, ketchup, etc.
My kids will eat two  bunny dogs because they aren't very filling, but after 
2 they don't want any more, so figure two bunny dogs per person.

Veggies are cooked in the pressure cooker on a trivet held over water. Meats 
are cooked directly in the pot, frequently on a bed of veggies, onions or on 
a small trivet (which comes with the cooker) and not much liquid. Make sure 
yours comes with instructions. They are not difficult to use. 
My small cooker is a Fagor and I would not buy a smaller size, as 4 1/2 qts. 
is just the right size for the bunny dogs recipe using 8 to 10  organic (for 
the best quality) carrots. Cookers can't be filled more than 3/4 full, nor 
can they be too empty.


PS Don't buy a cheap one. Get the best that you can afford. The cheap ones 
burn the food on the bottom or don't come up to pressure. The better ones can 
also be used as a cooking pot without the lid on tight.