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Re: I'm new hereabouts...


'ff' is 'Fat-Free'. I think you can trust the labels, but beware of the
"xx% Fat Free" trick. What you're interested in is "%calories from
fat". Since you've already had a heart attack, your doctor would
probably recommend a 'very low fat' diet. I think that means no more
than 10% of your daily calories should be from fat. 

Here's the problem with the "xx% fat free" claim. If you put 1/2
teaspoon of oil in 1 cup of water, the result is "99% Fat Free".
However the '%calories from fat' is 100%!

If the labels don't list %calories from fat, you calculate it like

calories from fat
-------------------- x 100 = %calories from fat
total calories

So if a product has (per serving) 200 calories, 50 calories from fat,
then the %calories from fat is 25% (50/200 x 100).

All labels will have calories per serving. If they don't give 'calories
from fat, you calculate it this way. They must give you 'grams of fat'
per serving. Just multiply that by 9. (Hope you didn't sleep through
too many of your math classes.)

At my last physical, my cholesterol level was 278. I wanted to try
bringing it down through diet, so I wouldn't have to use any of those
nasty drugs. This is what brought me to this fatfree.com list, as well
as many other 'low fat' or 'fat free' resources on the Internet. I now
use Fat-Free mayo, Fat-Free bologna, and Fat-Free cheese on my
sandwiches, and the Fat-Free ice cream goes great with the Fat-Free
cake and brownies I make. I've been successful in lowering my
cholesterol level to 190, and lost 30 pounds in the process. 

Quitting smoking will obviously be the greatest benefit for your health
(and life!), but going low-fat will run a strong second place.

My apologies to the more strict vegan list-members for anything you
found offensive in this message. This list is THE BEST resource for
making this specific lifestyle change, for the purpose of saving
peoples lives. I felt it necessary to share all this with ANYONE in
need of this information.

Jeff Nygren

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