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Gallo Pinto

Basically you are going to saute chopped onion, red/green pepper and some 
garlic if you wish, I do and then add cooked rice, cilantro and drained black 
beans.  But here are some further instructions.

Cook black beans with swet pepper chopped fine, onion chopped fine, garlic 
chopped fine and cilantro.  When you cook the rice you can add sweet pepper 
and onion and cilantro, but it is not necessary.  

Now:  Saute chopped (fine) onion, sweet peppers and garlic (and added 
cilantro if you wish) in broth until soft, add beans without a lot of bean 
broth and stir fry a few minutes.  Add rice, bean broth, salt and cilantro to 
beans in frying pan until all the ingredients are warm.  Serve.

The ideal ratio is slightly more beans than rice or maybe 2/3 rice to 1/3 
beans.  You don't want a lot of bean broth.  It is probably a good idea to 
cook your beans and rice the day before or in the morning and then prepare 
the Gallo Pinto later in the day (or next day).  This is a very typical dish 
in Costa Rica and it is delicious!

  Barbara in FL