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Re: FATFREE Digest V00 #160 Minnesota veggie spots

Karen and Ben:
You'll have no problem eating vegetarian and healthy here in St. Paul if
you like Asian food.  There is about a 2-mile stretch of University
Avenue just west of the Capitol on which you can find every Asian
business imaginable including Hmong, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Thai
restaurants.  All of them have vegetarian entrees.  My old reliable
favorite is Mai Village (422 University, corner of Western).  It has
probably a dozen veggie dishes, plus delectable veggie egg rolls &
spring rolls.  Also, if you get an English-speaking server, you can get
other dishes adapted -- let's say, by leaving out the oyster sauce.

We are getting quite a few Indian restaurants lately.  My fave so far is
India Palace (2570 N. Cleveland).  It's in an old Bob's Big Boy on the
corner of County Road C and Cleveland in Roseville (just north of St.
Paul).  The servers are delightful, the food is fantastic, and you will
almost certainly leave with tomorrow's lunch in a little box.

There are getting to be quite a few Middle Eastern places, particularly
in Northeast Minneapolis.  While in St. Paul, you can pick up lots of
delectable heat & eat morsels at Spiro Mediterranean Market, which is on
University Avenue (in the 1800s block, I think).  

Plus we have about 6-8 food coops in the Twins.  My personal favorite is
Hampden Park Co-op, where I am a working member, on Raymond, three
blocks north of University.  There is also the wonderful new Mississippi
Market co-op on the corner of Selby and Dale, which has lots of take-out
veggie & vegan fare.

Tell someone to get you a recent copy of the City Pages newspaper.  It
has extensive food listings which will give you horrible dilemmas, but
what fun!  Ellen

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> Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 13:57:35 -0800
> From: Karen Rosenbaum <readerwriter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Minneapolis-St. Paul?
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> A family wedding will take us to Minnesota mid-summer, and we wonder if
> anyone has suggestions for restaurants where we can find vegetarian,
> very low-fat food. We'll be in the St. Paul area for a few days before
> we set out to explore other parts of the state. We might be able to
> tolerate the prospect of being devoured by mosquitos if we thought we
> could at least eat healthily!
> --
> Karen Rosenbaum and Ben McClinton
> readerwriter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 21:50:34 EDT
> From: Gecko2T@xxxxxxx
> Subject: Applesauce
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> You can freee applesauce if you make it homemade.  It is quicker and easier
> than canning.  For those who can't use a whole jar at one time can freeze the
> rest so it does not go bad.  You can use the applesauce for what ever you
> want or to just eat.  When I make it I put brown sugar in it instead of white
> and thicken it up.  It is almost like applebutter and the family loves it.
> Enjoy Gecko2T
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