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Newly added recommended books:
Vegetarian Soup Cuisine by Jay Solomon
Jay Solomon is fast becoming my favorite cookbook author. His cookbooks are full of high-nutrition flavorful foods. He makes great use of beans, greens, squash, and grains. This book is almost vegan, only a very few recipes call for cheese. In almost every recipe, the only fat is a bit olive oil to saute in, easily replaced for true no-added-fat cooking. A few of the recipes here also seem to appear in his book 150 Vegan Favorites. Recipes are divided by the seasons so you can cook what is freshest, cheapest, and most flavorful at any time of the year. 125 recipes.
Eating in Eden by Hermine Freed
A new vegan cookbook! Gourmet and not all low fat, but like most vegan recipes, easily adapted. One or two recipes list optional fish sauce.
Becoming Vegetarian by Vesanto Melina
The absolute best, most up-to-date, and comprehensive guide to vegetarian and vegan diets for all ages. Only a few recipes, but if you care about making sure your vegetarian, vegan, or even almost vegetarian diet is nutritionally sound, you need this book. Includes discussion of essential fatty acids. Written by 3 vegetarian registered dieticians
Vegetarian Cooking for Healthy Living by Jamie Galeana
130+ ultra low fat vegetarian recipes meeting the Ornish guidelines. Includes a recipe for Dr. Pepper Apricot bread. Most recipes are not vegan. A few recipes call for non-vegetarian ingredients such as gelatin or chicken broth (the latter is easily substituted.

Very Low Fat Vegan Cookbooks:
Healthy Heart Handbook by Neal Pinckney
A book by a long-time FATFREE list member! Book has detailed information on heart disease and 52 recipes.
Eat More Weigh Less Cookbook by Terry Shintani
An excellent guide to well-balanced vlf predominantly vegan diets. Shows you how to build a nutritionally complete diet and focuses on foods that have low caloric densities. Recipes include basic instructions for cooking sea vegetables, beans, grains and vegetables and consist mostly of simply prepared, lightly spiced recipes with a Japanese flavor (not American). 175 recipes.
Fat-Free & Easy by Jennifer Raymond
The Almost No-fat Cookbook by Bryanna Clark Grogan
No added oil vegan cookbook. Heavy use of reduced-fat tofu, and some seed recipes, but most under 10%CFF. 120 recipes.
The Almost No-fat Holiday Cookbook by Bryanna Clark Grogan
Holiday recipes with menus for 17 festivals from a variety of cultures (from the 4th of July to Kwanzaa to Eid-Ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan). Over 100 recipes.
20 Minutes to Dinner by Bryanna Clark Grogan
The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook by John and Mary McDougall
The New McDougall Cookbook by John and Mary McDougall
Contains short summary of the McDougall diet, advice on changing your diet, and a list of McDougall-approved packaged foods. Recipes are easy to prepare for the most part. Some high-fat recipes. Caution: the book confuses brewer's and nutritional yeast, make sure you use nutritional yeast in the recipes that call for brewer's yeast. 300 recipes.
The Mcdougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss by John and Mary McDougall
Book promotes a special diet for those with the most stubborn weight-loss problems. The diet recommended in this book is even stricter than that espoused in the other McDougall books. The biggest difference is the elimination of all flours and flour products (including whole wheat). 100 recipes.
The Mcdougall Program for Women by John and Mary McDougall
Very Low Fat Vegetarian Cookbooks:
Eat More Weigh Less by Dean Ornish
Focuses on weight loss, discusses emotional issues in a very understanding and helpful manner. Recipes by top chefs. Lots of gourmet, generally spectacular recipes. Heavy on egg whites and skimmed milk products. 250 recipes.
The Best Low-Fat, No Sugar Bread Machine cookbook Ever by Madge Rosenberg
50 bread machine recipes that use no added fats and no concentrated sugars other than fruits. All the recipes are under 10%CFF. A few salt-free recipes are included. Uses both whole grains and refined grains and includes many inventive recipes (such as Qunioa, basil, and sun-dried tomato bread). The definitive very low fat bread machine cookbook.
Very Low Fat Almost Vegetarian Cookbooks:
20/30 Fat and fiber Diet Plan by Gabe Mirkin
Fat Free, Flavor Full by Gabe Mirkin
500 Fat-Free Recipes by Sarah Schlesinger
Ornish-based cookbook. All recipes have less than one gram of fat per serving. No high-fat ingredients whatsoever. Heavy on egg whites and skimmed milk products. Almost vegetarian, does call for defatted chicken stock in many recipes. Very comprehensive, includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks. 500 recipes.
Other Vegan Cookbooks:
Millennium Cookbook by Eric Tucker et al.
Vegan gourmet cookbook featuring recipes from the famous San Francisco restaurant. About half the recipes are very low fat (under 15%CFF). Impressive!
150 Vegan Favorites by Jay Solomon
Excellent vegan cookbook emphasizing vegetables, (especially high nutrient ones such as greens), beans, and grains. While not a very low fat cookbook, most of the recipes contain oil only for sauteing purposes and can easily be converted to very low fat versions.
Good vegetarian resource books:
The Vegetable Bible by Christian Teubner et al.
Wonderful encyclopedia of vegetables, full of thousands of full-color photographs.
More recommendations as well as reviews will be forthcoming, be sure to check back. I also have a list of some books I personally recommend on various topics: Michelle's Picks. In the meantime, shop at Amazon for books, videos, and music using the search box below. If you purchase from amazon after using the search box below (and without leaving amazon and returning later), your purchases will help fund the FATFREE website and mailing list. Thanks!
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