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Cabbage pickles
*	1 cabbage 
*	2-3 whole garlic heads 
*	salt 
*	vinegar 
Wah the cabbage. Make a hole in the middle of cabbage with a pointed knife.
Put some salt in the hole and boil cabbage in a little water until it
becomes tender. Remove from water and separate the leaves. Slice the leaves
and put them into jars. Add the garlic to the jars between the cabbage
leaves. Pour vinegar into the jars so as to cover the cabbage. Add 10 grams
of salt for 1 liter of vinegar. in 10-15 days your pickles will be ready to
Eggplant pickles
*	1-2 kg small eggplants 
*	150 gr. fresh red peppers 
*	3-4 carrots 
*	1 small cabbage 
*	3-4 bunches of celery 
*	1/2 lemon, vinegar 
*	4 whole garlic heads 
Wash the eggplants. Carefully make a lengthways cut down the middle of each
eggplant so that they do not split in two. Boil water with the juice of half
a lemon. Put eggplants in boiling water and cook them until they become
tender. Put the eggplants into a strainer and place a weight on them to
drain away the water. Chop the carrots, fresh red peppers and cabbage, peel
the garlic. Put them into a bowl and add enough vinegar to cover the chopped
vegetables. Add 10 grams of salt for 1 liter of vinegar to the bowl and
press with the hand. Fill the eggplants with the vegetable and vinegar
mixture. Tie the eggplants with celery. Pack the eggplants tightly into
jars. Decorate the jars by putting carrot and lemon slices between eggplant
fillings. Pour vinegar and salt mixture so as to cover the eggplants
fillings. Place a weight on the eggplants and close the jars. Your pickles
will be ready to server in 25-30 days. 
*	2 cups of bulgur (fie or medium fine type) 
*	5-6 scallions chopped 
*	1 tomato chopped 
*	1 green pepper chopped 
*	1 cucumber chopped (I know I didn't put any last Saturday but you
*	1 lemon juice 
*	2-3 Tbs red pepper (sweet) or tomato paste 
*	2 tsp cumin 
*	salt, blackpepper, red pepper to taste 
Cover the bulgur with boiling water, set it aside. The water and the bulgur
should be at the same level. While you're busy with chopping all the veggies
the bulgur absorbs the water. Mix the paste and the spices thoroughly. After
that just add the veggies. You can use lemon  as dressing.