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OT Web Storage for Back-ups

Hi all.
Joe mentioned using some of the free web space offers for back-up.
This isn't a bad idea if your files aren't confidential.
ONe of the best (and biggest) I've found was for 300mb.  You can have more
if you want to pay.  The real draw here was a little program that lets you
use this web space as though it were another drive on your system. (For
techies:  It maps the web site as drive V; - semicolon intended.)  You can
then drag and drop files back and forth.  Not bad, depending upon your
internet connection.

Something to know:  Free web sites are free because they sell your
information.  Go to Yahoo or something and register a dummy email address.
Mine happens to be AnnoyingSpam@xxxxxxxxxx I also happen to have
AnnoyingSpam@xxxxxxxxxxx, because the Yahoo gets so full!!  Use this email
for anything you sign up for on the web.  It helps protect your privacy.

Hope this helps.
Oh. The site would be nice, wouldn't it?  www.freediskspace.com.  For every
person you refer, you get 5mb more for free.  Knock yourselves out!