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Re: flax

The flax-prostate cancer connection is news to me - I'm new to the whole 
world of flax anyway.  But thanks for passing the news on.  I am a woman, but 
I had been planning on recommending flax to my Dad, who has a history of 
heart and cholesterol problems.  I think I will wait to see what else 
develops there.  

I did check with the Canadian Flax Council, as a few people here suggested, 
and I even e-mailed them with a question.  I asked if it were true that 
cooking flax reduces the benefit of the omega 3's.  My respondant insisted 
this is not true, is in fact a popular myth, and he referred me to a fact 
sheet that my poor, sad old computer was not able to retrieve. 

I know we've been round and round on the proper use and storage of flax, but 
I thought I'd pass on what a presumed authority told me.