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    I used to grind flax seed in a  coffee grinder and sprinkle about 2 
tablespoons onto my cereal in the morning.  I enjoyed its nutty flavor  and 
also the fact that it may be the best vegetarian source of omega 3 oil.  I 
preferred ground flax seed to the oil for its phytochemicals and fiber.  I 
kept a few days supply of ground seed in the freezer.
    I  heard recently that Dean Ornish has stopped recommending flax or its 
oil to men and claims that he never did (not true) and that he always 
recommended fish oil or eating fatty fish.  He now states that the reason  he 
does not recommend flax seed is due to work done by a researcher at the 
University of Virginia Medical School, which indicated that when cancer cells 
are present in the prostate, flax can make them more agressive and increased 
the likelihood of prostate cancer considerably.  I did a computer-assisted 
search at  U of Virginia Med School Library and was not able to find any info 
on flax and prostate cancer.  Nevertheless, I've stopped using it.
    Email me if you'd like more info on this subject.