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Flax has a pleasant, nutty flavor.

Ground flax seed provides more nutritional benefits than does whole seed.
That's because flax seeds are very hard, making them difficult to crack,
even with careful chewing.  Grinding flax seeds breaks them up, making them
easier to digest when eaten If whole flax seeds remain unbroken, they may
pass undigested through the body, reducing the nutritional advantage of
eating flax seed in the first place.

You can store whole flax seed at room temperature for up to a year.  Some
people keep a jar of flax seed handy on their kitchen counter.

Once you grind flax seed, there is greater risk of it developing an
off-flavor and taste.  That's why it's best to grind whole flax seed as you
need it.  This ensures its freshness.  After grinding, you should
refrigerate it in an airtight, opaque container.  It will keep for several

For more information on flax seed check out this site:  www.flaxcouncil.ca