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RE: flaxseeds

Jan, it's nice to see someone imparting correct information.
We see all these recipes including flax seeds, but none of them mention if
they're not cracked, or put through a mortal and pestle, they go right on
through -- kinda like corn. <LOL>

IF we're going to take the trouble to eat them, we should get the most out
of them, don't' you think?


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Flax seeds are very hard and cannot be digested in their whole state.  You
need to grind them, either in a clean coffee grinder, or a blender, I use my
industrial strength blender, works fine.  Please, keep them in the fridge,
and buy only from store that keeps them in the fridge.  Sprinkle on cereal
or salad, etc.  They don't have a strong flavor, sort of nutty.
As an alternative, I buy flax seed oil, again, only from a store that keeps
it refrigerated and then I keep it the same, and use it up within a few
weeks.  I use it for salad dressings.
The oil and the ground seeds should not be heated at this will kill off the