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Flax Seeds

Whole flax seeds can be used, but are not digested.  You'll get the
fiber, but not the EFA (essential fatty acid) benefit.

I grind up a load, put it in a freezer bag, store it in the freezer
until I need it
for cooking.  This meal can be used straight sprinkled on cereal, used
in bread dough, etc.
You can also use it as an egg replacer (Ilike it best when a "nutty"
taste and/or dark specks
are appropriate) at a ratio of one T. ground flax seed to 3 T. water
(equals one egg).  I've had lots of success using it in cookie recipes,
some quick breads, and yeast breads.

The taste can be a tad sweet/nutty and/or tanic.  But IMHO, it really
has very little taste at all.