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Angel Food Cake

Another cool yummy summer desert is Angel Food Cake.  I take the FF Cool
Whip, add some FF Vanilla pudding mix and the strawberries all together
and put it on the angel food cake.  Gives it a thicker, richer flavor
w/o the fat!

Also with Cool whip, Thaw a big FF Cool whip out, add FF Chocolate
pudding mix, add it to your cool whip until you get the richness and
thickness you desire, pour it into a homemade graham cracker crust (w/
no butter) and you will have a very low fat desert.  I think for our low
fat graham crackers its 1 1/2 g of fat for 3 sheets of the crackers.  Or
you can do the dip and eat method!  Dip the cracker into the mixture.

Its not French Silk, but it will do...   :o)

Another thing we've been doing on these HOT summer nights is making
smoothies.  Ive used FF Vanilla yogurt, skim milk and frozen fruit and
they arnt to bad, I think that if you could find a FF strawberry yogurt
it might add more flavor.

I like to add the Orange Pineapple Slim fasts as a base to make a
smoothy too.  By themselves I think they are NASTY, but make a wonderful
base for a smoothy with allot of flavor.  I'll pitch  in a banana,
frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries or what ever fruit I have.  Your
looking at about 1 1/2 g of fat for a full blender.  You get some extra
vitamins too.

Anymore COLD yummies anyone can share.

I dont even wanna think about turning the oven on, even to make my