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cutting habanero peppers

I am living in Suriname, a country in South_america, and here the habanero
peppers are used almost daily in lots os recipes. We call them madame
jeanette peppers and they are eaten in the green, yellow, orange or red
stadium. In every stadium the pepper has a little different taste. The most
common way of use is to cook the a whole one on top of the rice. That gives
flavour to the rice and the eating persons can decide for themselves if they
want to take pepper with their food or not and if so if they want to remove
the seeds or not! The cooked ones are less hot than the raw ones.

About cutting the habanero peppers: hold the pepper with the fork and cut
with a sharp small knife. (After some exeperience) you don't have the
problem of oil on your fingers and other parts of your body. Don't forget to
keep a seperate cutting-board for the (onions and) peppers. Otherwise your
food can be too hot to your taste at moments you did not expect hot food...

Myrna Laret