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bread machine mix---white bread :]

thanks everyone for all your suggestions for a bread machine. I like the
one I bought--the Welbilt. Since i am new to baking I am starting
outwith bread mixes. I have had wonderful success and  I am
delighted---have been using the Eagle  Mills brand.  However, a friend
of mine asked me for white bread. I tried to order it from the internet,
but only large amounts were available.

Although I just started looking, I can't seem to find a bread machine
mix for white bread.  I live in NYC and I thought I would find it
quickly.  In the Queens section where I live I went to all the
supermarkets, and health food stores and couldn't find it.  If anyone
knows were I could find a bread machine mix for white bread in
Manhattan, I would really appreciate the info.
Thanks  again.   thanks Michelle ---this list is really great.  Sue