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bread machines and flour and bugs

With all this talk of bread machines I'd like to take the opportunity to 
remind you that pantry pests like to live in flour, cake mixes and spices in 
your pantry. FROM NOW ON I am going to package my flour in giant ziploc bags. 
Have just spent a hellish few days cleaning out my pantry and throwing out 
about $300 worth of products because of these visitors.
I even found the bugs in the flaps of the lids in boxes where the unopened 
plastic bag was still uninvaded by the bugs. 
I have always put the flour in a ziploc in the freezer if it was a whole 
grain, but not plain ol' regular flour. That was an expensive lesson.


PS The packages that brought the bugs into the house were grocery store 
macaroni and bread flour. Neither of which were organic.