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To Ellen in Va.,

I've never used soy products in my bread machine, but my other advice may 
help.  Turbinado sugar can be used in exact amounts as any other grandulated 
sugar.  It is the same product, less processed.  Also, whenever you adjust a 
recipe, you have to compensate for any liquids left out (or flours for that 
matter).  In other words, when I reduced oil by one tablespoon, I increased 
the water by one tablespoon.  Maybe to replace the soy spread or tofu, you 
can use an equally thick product in it's place (chick peas in the blender, or 
applesauce???).  Unfortunatly, (and I am having a similar struggle now) 
whenever you can't follow a recipe exactly, it becomes an experiment!
Often though, you can tell if there is enough liquid after it has been 
kneading for a few minutes.  If it's too stiff (really loud) you'll need more 
liquid and should add it more one tablespoon at a time.  I wonder if the tofu 
is there only as a source of protein, because it is certainly possible to 
make good bread without it.
Good luck,