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TVP comments and soy milk question

>From: kahless@xxxxxxxxxxx

>I bought some TVP from the local health food store
>(Whole Foods) and was very disappointed with it.
>The only TVP I could find was in the bulk food section.

I'm with Samantha since I also bought TVP at Whole Foods, made a wonderful 
sounding recipe for stroganoff...it was horrible. I put it in the freezer 
until I could figure out how to "fix it" but realized the problem was the TVP 
not the recipe so I tossed it out. Not a good first experience with TVP!  
Maybe it's the brand that Whole Foods carries? Is there a brand that anyone 
could recommend? I hate to give up on the stuff but even the dogs wouldn't 
try the last batch.

Since everyone seems to have great things to say about the Mail Order 
Catalogue I thought I'd order some from there since I want to order some 
seitan anyhow.

I have a question about soy milk: I tried the Vitasoy Vanilla which has a 
really strong flavor to me, is that typical of soy milk? Would it be better 
to get the unflavored kind if I don't want that strong taste? I couldn't tell 
if it was the vanilla or the soy flavor that wasn't particularly appealing.