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Re: Substitution for sugar in baking

At 10:50 AM 2/21/00 -0500, SuanSmithe wrote:
>Does anyone know if applesauce or fruit juice can replace sugar in
>baking(bread machine also), and what are the equivalents? Thanks.
>I learn so much from reading this list.  Sue 
This is info I got from another list and the poster apparently got it from
Robin Hood flour:

"Sugar is quick food for the yeast, helping it to produce carbon dioxide
gas that allows the yeast to activate.  Sugar adds flavour to breads and
can give a golden colour to the crust.  Substitute brown sugar, molasses or
honey for fancy or whole grain breads.  Too much sugar can slow down the
yeast action or stop it from acting altogether."

Why would you want to replace sugar, a simple carb, with another simple
carb, such as fruit juice or applesauce?  They are all pretty much the same
in your body, but probably not in your bread.  

Also, the juice and sauce are flavored and will change the taste of your
bread and they are liquid and thus change the ratio of liquid and dry
ingredients in your machine.  The ratio is easier to adjust when you are
mixing and kneading bread by hand.  Unless you are an experienced bread
maker and understand the chemistry between the few basic bread ingredients
I wouldn't fiddle with your recipe, especially not with a breadmachine.