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Adobo sauce and RFI

Kathleen, until 3 days ago I had never found chipotles in adobo sauce
either. My husband accepted the challenge and found them with other
jalapeno products in an international foods section near the deli
department of a large discount grocery. The brand is produced in Mexico,
but distributed by a Texas company.

Adobo sauce is much like barbecue sauce. Ingredients listed on the label
are chipotle peppers, vinegar, tomatoes, onions, sugar, iodized salt,
paprika, soybean oil and spices. One serving (3 peppers) has 0.5 g fat.

I haven't yet used any--Black Bean & Chipotle Soup sounds like a good place
to begin. Thanks for posting the recipe.
RFI:  There are 30 peppers in the 12-oz. can, and I'm not sure how to
prepare the unused portion for storage in the refrigerator. Is the vinegar
in the adobo sauce sufficient to preserve the remainder? Or would it be
advisable to spread a half teaspoon of vinegar on top?

>I've never used adobo sauce and don't know if it is vegetarian, so please
>don't yell at me if it has some awful thing in it.  I've looked for this
>product in several groceries stores, but have never found it.  I stuck a
>whole dried pepper in this soup and was going to remove it when I put the
>left overs away, but DH suggested that I leave it in for now.