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Re: Restaurants

To: sprout26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re: Restaurants.  I found that most 
restaurants will offer a pasta and vegetable dish.  Also, I found most places 
understand when you ask them for no oil or butter or to leave off the sauce 
and steam the vegetables.  Sometimes the chef enjoys the challenge of making 
a dish tasty with no fat.  I have even left it up to the chef to surprise me 
(servers don't usually like risking their tip, so they may be a bit 
uncomfortable) and I have been pleasantly surprised with a white wine or 
chicken broth (a little fat here) or seasoning mix that was very good.  You 
can't go wrong because you can always get the dish plain and that's pretty 
good too.  I don't think you could do this at a Denny's, '99' or Applebees, 
but I get this at many restaurants and just last night at an Outback