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For Paul (V00/338) who wants a fat-free pizza dough...just
omit any fat or oil that is specified.  There is really no
need to add oil to many bread recipes.

That said, here's my favorite dough for making pizza or
French bread:

What you need:

1-1/4 cups water at about 110 F
1 package of dry active yeast or equivalent
3 to 6 cups of flour (even whole wheat will work)
1 tsp salt

What to do with what you've got:

First, don't bother "proofing" the yeast.  It's a waste of
time nowadays.

Mix the yeast and salt into about three cups of flour.
Add the water all at once.
Mix until you can't mix anymore, adding flour as needed.
Knead the dough for a few minutes, adding slight bits of
flour as needed.
Let the dough rest for 10 minutes.
Form your dough and bake your pizza.

If you have a good mixer (Kitchen Aid, etc.) you can do mix
your dough and have it kneaded in less than three minutes.
Lacking a good mixer, try using a food processor to do the
heavy work.

A word on kneading: GREAT therapy!  If you have had one of
"those" days, try hand kneading some dough.  Stress and
kneading are incompatible.


My Food Coach
"Successful Strategies"

What is food to one may be fierce
 poison to others - Lucretius